Elections Have Consequences Print

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The 2018 elections were historic: More people of color, women, and openly LGBTQ people were elected to all levels of government than ever before. And voter turnout was the highest we’ve seen for any midterm election in modern history — with young people and people of color showing up in unprecedented numbers. Together, we helped win back a pro-environment majority in the House and in many state legislation which has led to unprecedented progress. In fact, right now one in four people in this country now live in a place that is committed to 100% clean energy. 

None of this has happened by accident because elections have consequences - for the environment, for public health, for our democracy and for our future. Celebrate our progress and decorate your home or office with our limited-edition Elections Have Consequences art print, designed by artist Laurène Boglio, a french art director, illustrator, and graphic designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Check out her website and Instagram at http://www.boglio.com/and https://www.instagram.com/boglio_boglio

Fine Details: 10" x 10" image on 12" x 12" paper.  Screenprinted by hand on heavy French recycled white paper. Frenchs' factory is powered by their own on-site hydro electric generator.